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How to Use Your Education to Unlock Success Pt 1

How to Use Your Education to Unlock Success Pt 1

The great inventor Thomas Edison once said, “genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” This equation is also applicable to success in the skincare industry. Perspiration – in the form of the constant pursuit of knowledge – fuels success and ultimately inspiration.

In this profession we have to stay on top of new, cutting-edge ingredients, product formulations and protocols, as well as marketing tactics, and knowledge of how each of these tools can be used most effectively. As skin care professionals how do we obtain the knowledge, effectively apply it, and what are the right tools?

The pursuit of knowledge

After I graduated aesthetic school years ago, I made it my mission to continually seek out opportunities to learn, hone my skills and reinvent my craft, which in turn has kept me inspired. As aestheticians, I believe many of us also take on the role of inventor – constantly creating new ways to solve skin challenges. Knowledge, of course, is essential to this process. Whether through self-education, experimentation or training courses, constant learning will keep you at the forefront of this industry.

Today the options for gaining knowledge are nearly endless. There are trade shows, industry publications, advanced aesthetic schools, educational symposiums and workshops, and content produced by individual skin care companies. Now it’s also just a mouse click away with the onset of webinars, streaming video and other forms of digital content.

The quality of aesthetic schools has also improved, offering advanced and highly targeted training in a number of modalities and fields within the industry. Everyone has a preferred method for receiving information, and now with so many formats of education available obtaining knowledge in a way that suits your individual needs is easier than ever.

Several years ago we started producing webinars, educational blog posts, video demonstrations, and created digital formats of all of our educational content. This trend has enabled professionals from around the globe to obtain knowledge on their own time and typically with little to no expense.

The courses offered by our advanced base of educators are very specialized and cover the full spectrum of advanced skin rejuvenation. Recently our educator and master aesthetician Devin Romero developed an education center in San Francisco to bring these advanced classes to skin care professionals in the Bay Area. For more information on Devin’s courses, and our roster of classes, visit our education page.

Next week I’ll discuss how to add advanced modalities to your practice to bolster your service offerings.

Question: How to do you keep your tools sharp? Do you attend in-person trainings, webinars or take advanced education classes, etc.?

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