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In the Treatment Room with Stacey Grondahl

In the Treatment Room with Stacey Grondahl

Owner of We Do Men in Scottsdale, AZ

What is your favorite treatment protocol and why?

My go-to is what is known to RA Skincare for Men users as the RA Leverage Facial. I tweaked it, which is a normal thing for me ever since I started in the industry. I added a little bit of my massage flare, along with absolutely no technology. I'm telling you (yes, all you RA for Men users) that the RA for Men Massage Oil is a miracle in a bottle. Use it wisely!

What is Simplicity Simple Skincare best known for?

My spa, and I, are known for “personality,” to put it lightly. I had an idea, I ran with it, and it turns heads. That was the whole goal. I wanted to take the industry, flip it, and make people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Do you have a recent success story you can share?

I have one story, which always stands out the most, as it's my favorite. When I opened back in 2012, I had a 60-year-old man come in to see me for the first time. He never had a facial, but came to see me with a big smile. I performed my famous “What A Prick” (it uses the RA for Men Cacti Mud Mask…hence the prickly reference) facial treatment, and not only was he glowing and super happy, but he looked (no joke) 20 years younger! He immediately bought RA for Men product, came back the next day, bought more via orders from the wife. Ever since then, he comes to see me every 3 months with his whole family, who then stock up on RA for Men religiously. Amen.

What is your best selling treatment or product?

Hands down my “What A Prick” facial, and its many variations, is my number one for all my “ManFam.” It's “get that glow” in a nutshell!

As for product, shooting at the whole summer in AZ issue, my ManFam favorite currently would be the EnviroProtect. Men love the matte finish, the scent and even the little false tint from the red algae. I always promote the multi-taskers in skincare. A moisturizer and sunscreen combo? Sold!

How do you help clients relax in the treatment room?

For one, I own a man spa, for which I was incredibly involved in the design process – inside and out. Marketing and beyond. This means that my boys are already loving the environment when they walk in my front door. My little man spa studio feels like a cozy home, with two patios, Johnny Cash playing in the background and manliness for days. I encourage them to be men, and not to censor themselves. If anything I open them up, make them talk, get on their level, and just let them be that, which is a man.

How do you educate clients about skin health?

I book out large slots of time with each client. Note how I say each client. My location is a smaller, private facility, for which I lock down for the individual. I encourage them to bring in their collection of random products from home, for which I then dig through. I educate them on the good, and the bad. What to keep, and what to get rid of, what to supplement, and what to avoid. I also always have them ask questions – text questions, call with questions, and chit chat with them as long as they need. I call it skincare for dummies, because men are simple creatures who need simpler skincare.

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